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Why IFA North


Professional.  Affordable.

The Indiana Fire Academy (IFA) North mission is to provide all children, regardless of economic circumstances, with the opportunity to develop to their full potential through the joy of soccer.

IFA North offers a professional and affordable developmental environment for all levels of play––from entry level learning experiences to competitive travel, as well as the highest youth platforms in th country. 

Core Values

  1. Family: Camaraderie and commitment to each other.
  2. Gratitude: Appreciation for where we are, fuel for where we are going.
  3. Discipline: A blue-collar work ethic.
  4. Integrity: Do what is right.  Follow the Golden Rule.
  5. Competitiveness: A competitive mentality.
  6. Excellence: Exceed standards in whatever we do.
  7. Passion: Energize, engage, and inspire yourself and others. 

Player Development Pathway

All levels of play.

IFA North is proud to provide a complete player development pathway that allows youth players to enjoy soccer at all ages and at all levels.


Uniform approach throughout the club.

IFA North is built on the belief that successful soccer clubs have a clear philosophy of play for all teams at all ages, which aligns with the vision of the club and is representative of the surrounding community. 

Our coaching staff implements training sessions according to a curriculum established by the Technical Director and the IFA Technical Staff.  All coaches are provided with daily training sessions following a yearly periodization.  All of our teams implement the same systems and style of play.

Our fall and spring curriculum is executed in one-week and two-week blocks based on a set of tactical themes.  The winter training has a stronger emphasis on individual technical development and creativity within a competitive futsal framework. 

For more information on our club, please review our Player and Parent Guide.